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Content Creator Application
Welcome! Here you can Apply for Content Creator Rank in HybridMC.
You will get an exclusive [YOUTUBE] or [TWITCH] tag in game according to your platform.
You will also get the Content Creator role on our Discord Server.
You will be allowed to advertise one video on our Discord Server per day. (Can be non-HybridMC Related)
More perks coming soon!

Requirements for Content Creators:
1. 150 or more Subscribers/Followers.
2. 2k+ Views
3. Be in our Discord Server.
4. At least having one video on HybridMC and one Minecraft Video that's non-HybridMC related.
5. Prove you own the account. 

Recommended way to prove your account:
Linked your Content Account with Discord and displayed on your profile.
However, other ways are also accepted.