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2.0 Release!
Aditya Owner Member
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Discord: Aditya!#0682
IGN: playerinfo12
about 1 month ago

Hey Everyone 👋


we are glad to announce that server is out and ready to play for our players! we are sorry for this downtime and we are releasing Hybrid .2.0 for our players With cool Things and new gamemodes that u guys will like!


Gamemode Details: 

1. Survival (one of our favourites game)

2. Skyblock (Most played Games)

3. Knockback (Part of PvP)

4. Bedwar's (Most interesting games)


      And many More New game mode we will add soon! 

      Skywars (Soon)

      Tnt Run(Soon)



And at last we want to say that many things has changed and new things added if u found any bug or u have any suggestion plz share with us! 


IP - play.hybridnetwork.gq


port - 25005

Bedrock -  play.hybridmc.tk:25005 Or play.hybridnetwork.gq:25005

Website -  https://hybridnetwork.gq/

Store -   https://store.hybridnetwork.gq/



Currently Hybrid Website & Store under work! 


        Hybrid Team