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Bedwars Server Rules:

 Cross Teaming
Cross teaming is when two teams are working together to reach a specific goal.

Revealing information as a dead / spectating person to players that are living that they otherwise wouldn’t know, such as the location of players, ores, or anything else, it is prohibited..

Team Killing / Trolling
You may not kill or troll your team mate during a game.


First Offense ➟ 7 Days IP-Ban
Second Offense ➟ 14 Days IP-Ban
Third Offense ➟ 31 Days IP-Ban

Chat Rules:

Rule #1 | Harassment
◄ Do not harass players or attempt to bully them off the server. A player saying something mean every now and then is not harassment, you as a player can use the /ignore add <username> feature to not have to listen to it. If the player continues to work around this ignore to bully you, then it becomes harassment. PVP callouts in PVP chat are not harassment.

Rule #2 | Misuse channels
◄ Do not misuse channels beyond their intended function. An occasional “funny comment” or “quip” in for example Trade chat is fine, but you are not to derail channels for a purpose they are not intended. Do not spill or create drama in public chats, or engage in excessive arguments that could be done in private message.

Rule #3 | Doxxing
◄ Do not “Doxx” players, or reveal private information on the server. Doxxing players is the intentional revelation of their real-life name, home address, or information that could reasonably lead to their real-life identity being revealed. Revealing information that is already known in the community, or easily google-able is not Doxxing.

Rule #4 | Stealing content
◄ Do not steal, copy, modify or re-use skins (or other content) belonging to other players without their consent. Also, do not use skins or builds that are clearly meant to evoke an erotic or racist sentiment.

Rule #5 | Respect other roleplayers
◄ Respect the space and place of other roleplayers without forcing yourself into it. Ask before forcing yourself into a scene, and do not engage in OOC actions on the sidelines that make concentrating on the roleplay harder.

Rule #6 | Roleplaying
◄ Do not engage in inappropriate roleplay in public or with minors. Do not engage in excessively disgusting roleplay, excessively vulgar roleplay, meta-roleplay, god-roleplay, or any other such mechanics of fail-roleplay. Stick to our lore when roleplaying.

Rule #7 | Cheating
◄ Do not use cheats, glitches, hacks, or modified clients to your advantage (including player radar!). Some mods are allowed, always double-check with staff before using one. This rule also covers misusing gameplay features, like staircase glitching or pearl glitching.

Rule #8 | Unfair advantages
◄ The use of Autoclickers or Macros is not allowed, including Keyboard/Mouse features that are meant to give an edge during PVP are not allowed. The use of hacks or clients that give an edge during PVP are also not allowed. This rule also covers using afk-grinders for MCMMO.

Rule #9 | Causing lag
◄ Anything that is seen to cause lag on the server is not allowed, and will be removed by staff (this may also involve redstone machines). If you are unsure whether something causes lag, consult with staff. This also involves using flowing water to create mob grinders, auto-farms, afk-farms, or any other form of automation that is either unfair, or harmful to server performance. You should also keep passive mobs to 50 or less per chunk.

Rule #10 | Respect staff members
◄ We do not force you to respect our staff, but we ask that you are patient and cordial with our Staff. If a Staff member mistreats you, make a complaint on the forum. Do not impersonate staff, waste their time, or backseat moderate.

Punishment: Breaking any of these rules can result in a temporary/permanent mute
Survival Rules
Bitch Claiming
Claiming next to / very close to another persons build in order to prevent them from expanding their own build. On first offence your claim will be removed, on a second offence or reported offence your claim will be removed and you will be punished under the griefing timeline.
Combat logging
Making use of any tool/weapon/item available on the game mode in order to leave the PvP area and travel to the safe zone.
No Griefing / Stealing
You may not destroy or intentionally ruin someone else's build or steal items from them. This rule includes builds which aren't currently claimed by someone.
No Inappropriate Builds / Lag Machines
This includes, but is not limited to builds such as body parts or inappropriate language. Redstone machines with no real purpose, and flying machines all fall under this rule and will be removed when you are punished.
TP Trapping / Illegally Killing
You may not kill a player outside of a pvp area or request a player to teleport into a war zone without mentioning it to the player. This also includes, but is not limited to lava trapping / drowning players. This is strictly forbidden. We do not refund any items lost, due to a player breaking this rule.
SkyBlock Rules
AFK Mining
Exploiting your operative system bugs, or making use of items to click automatically. 
Placing an object on top of your mouse to click automatically whilst away from the keyboard.

ALT Boosting
Having one or More alt on another island while being in one originally to help them, Or Having an alt Island to get 2 island tops at the same time.

Betraying your island is not allowed, stealing items and then leaving and stuff like that will get you punished.

Island / TP Killing
Killing a player in an island or by requesting them to teleport into a war zone without mentioning it to the player is strictly forbidden. We do not refund any items lost, due to a player breaking this rule.


First Offense ➟ 3d IP-Ban
Second Offense ➟ 7d IP-Ban
Third Offense ➟ 14d IP-Ban
Fourth Offense ➟ 31d IP-Ban